About Shannon Cameron- Doggonit Obedience
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About Shannon

A Certified Master Dog Trainer
Specializing in Behavior Modification

Shannon Cameron

Scan0042Doggonit Obedience was established by Shannon Cameron, a Certified Master Dog Trainer, specializing in behavioral modification. I am a certified Master Trainer by Kingsden’s K-9 Companions located in Southern California. K-9 Companions is a reputable school where I completed over 240 hours of instruction and hands-on classes, working with over a 100 different breeds and temperaments. I was then offered a position by K-9 Companions to achieve the highest level of dog training as a Certified Master Trainer. I achieved this accreditation by working an additional 240 hours of training and instruction for owners and their dogs.


I have always had compassion and love for animals, especially dogs. I also enjoy working on developing relationships with people, so becoming a dog trainer and assisting owners regain control has been the most rewarding experience. After minimal training and change, it is very gratifying to see dog owners establish relationships and boundaries with their dogs.


In 2005 I become a dog owner and adopted my two year old Pitt-Lab mix. Shortly after I brought him home I realized I couldn’t control this dog. I was so overwhelmed with his “bad” behavior and didn’t know how to address them. I considered getting rid of him, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. I had to find out how I could help this dog and myself. After working with several dog trainers and dog behaviorists I knew this was something I could and had to do. It changed my life and I wanted to help others too. It might be impossible to change your dog, but with minimal training and focusing on behavior modifications you can have a well-balanced dog and life together. Other than my love for dogs, I believe my “Pitty” guided me down this path.


With the proper use of positive reinforcement and modified corrections, your dog will stop, listen and respond to your commands in a positive manner. With structured training you can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will understand that you are in charge, and it can still be fun!