Puppy Behavior Training, Obedience Training For Dogs
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Obedient dogs are certainly more welcome in most of our society.  Many local establishments often encourage dog owners to bring their pets. Although millions of us adore dogs, many people do not. So it is important for dog owners to educate themselves and give their dogs the best training possible. It is the owner’s responsibility to raise a well respected canine. It is possible to achieve a happy environment with basic training and behavior modifications.


When working with a dog for the first time, I like to create a fun relaxed environment to earn the dog’s trust. I will introduce commands by only using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques. I will show you helpful handling skills and behavior modification methods that will make life easier for both you and your dog. Also, teach you techniques so your dog will no longer pull on a leash, lunge at other dogs, coward toward strangers, bolt through doorways, jump on people and many other uncontrollable situations.

Basic Obedience

I will come and work with you and your dog(s) in the privacy of your home.  The majority of sessions are taught with a six foot leash and a training collar.  Your dog will learn how to Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Auto-Sit, Heel and Wait.  House manners will be introduced such as Door/Gate Crashing, Counter Surfing and Boundaries.  Your dog will learn commands such as Off, Leave It, Drop and Place.  In the first couple of sessions food/treats/toys will be applied to encourage the desired behavior, as the training progresses bribes will be slowly removed and distractions will be introduced.  All corrections are applied when necessary and at the right time, along with generous amounts of praise and love to reinforce desired behavior.

Off-Leash Training

After your dog has completed the Basic Obedience course from Doggonit Obedience and mastered the commands on a six foot leash we would then use additional tools to progress towards off-leash training.

Advanced Obedience and Agility Training

Add to your basic-on and off-leash obedience with Advanced Obedience and Agility Training.  Continue developing a relationship with your dog that will strengthen your confidence and communication.  Agility Training will also strengthen your dog’s confidence and development.

House Manners & Problem Solving

Problem solving and home manners take on a more important role once the puppy hits four months of age.  Home manners are the limits that you set for the dog in your home environment.  It is necessary and beneficial to set boundaries for your dog to follow.


Problem solving is common with dog owners that need assistance to solve existing problems.  It is important to acknowledge why your dog is demonstrating the unwanted behavior, address the issue and then modify the behavior.  In most occasions big problems have very simple solutions.


Common Behavior Modification Problems:

  • Aggression-towards other dogs, people, anxiety and phobias
  • Jumping Up
  • Excessive Barking and Whining
  • Mouthing and Nipping
  • House Breaking
  • Chewing and Digging
  • Counter Surfing
  • House Manners and Behavioral Issues

Puppy and Beginner Training

Learn about :

  • Breed Selection-what is the right breed for you and your family, finding a creditable breeder, what to look for when adopting, etc.
  • Puppy Socialization/Critical Fear Period-doing this right in the beginning will ensure that you will have a more mentally and emotionally stable and secure dog. The goal here is to avoid the many serious problems that can occur from lack of proper socialization. i.e.. Fear, Aggression, Submissive Urination, Anxiety, and Acting Out.
  • Potty Training, Crate Training and Providing a Safe Environment
  • Introducing Basic Commands and Addressing Puppy Mouthing and Chewing
  • Nutrition and Overall Wellbeing

Education & Training

Educate the owner about:

  • How to communicate and understand your dog’s needs
  • What motivates your dog’s behavior
  • How to become your dog’s pack-leader
  • How to develop a rewarding relationship between you and your dog
  • How to introduce your dog to your family and understanding the roles

Service Dog

  • For individuals requiring assistance in walking or daily activities, I can modify your dog’s training to meet your needs.
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)-this is a test for dog owners to show that their dogs can behave in public and be good citizens.  I can help you prepare and practice for the taking the CGC test.
  • Therapy Dogs-these dogs require basic obedience training prior to becoming certified as therapy dogs.